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Jewish studies to prepare for conversion started at the same time Machon Meir was founded more than 30 years ago.  At the time there were no special preparation programs in Israel for conversion.  Since the mission of Machon Meir is to teach Torah to those who did not engage in Torah study in their childhood it was natural for the individuals who were seeking to join the People of Israel to come to Machon Meir.  For decades hundreds of proselytes have joined the Jewish nation this way.

A lively family atmosphere, learning Torah together with other highly motivated individuals beAhava uveEmuna made Machon Meir (for men) and Machon Ora (for women) the most recommended and requested places in Israel and around the world for  Giur studies.

The classes are taught in different languages.

About 12 years ago Machon Meir/Ora expanded its conversion programs by introducing external classes especially geared towards Giur. The approach remains the same: teaching Torah in all its beauty and depth to help each individual to discover the spark within their soul that brought them to desire to join the Jewish nation.  This is achieved by the individual learning and personal attention that every student receives.

Each year approximately 100 students finish in Machon Meir and Machon Ora and convert to the Jewish Faith through Orthodox Rabbinical Courts in Israel and overseas.