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Accompanying through the Conversion Process

Many questions pop up when you decide to convert:


  • How to start
  • Who to contact?
  • What is needed?
  • Are there any requirements?
  • How long will it take?




Suddenly you hear unknown terms, such as Beit Din (Orthodox Rabbinical Court), representative of the Beit Din, Right of Return, accompanying family, mikve etc. We will help you to find your way among these new concepts.

For each individual the conversion process is different depending on his/her background, and requires a certain specific way to proceed. When you contact us, we will meet with you and explain each and every detail required in your specific case.

The expectation of the Beit Din is that every individual will not only know what is required, but practice it in his/her own life. Therefore going to classes is not enough; an actual hand on guidance is needed. We try to provide this guidance, and to do it in a pleasant and open fashion so that you will feel comfortable along the way.

We try to escort each individual through the Giur process to make it an enriching and fulfilling experience. It should not be something you do at expense of succeeding at something else important to you (like you university studies, your work, or time you spent with your parents or children and close ones). The Giur should help you to connect to all those activities in a deep and spiritual way. We hope it will help you live your life in a more complete way.

We shall guide you from the moment you turned to us and until you stand in front of the Orthodox Rabbinical Court and go into the mikve.

We try to stay in touch even after the Giur is completed to help if needed and to share in the happiness that is yet to come.