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What it means to convert to Judaism?

Everyone walks his/her own personal path that leads them to join the People Israel. What's common to all these paths is that something deep inside the individual will not quite down until he/she is Jewish.

Lehitgayer (to convert to Judaism) -- means to join the Jewish nation and its emuna -- faith; to share its fate by rejoicing in its simha -- happiness, and to feel torment in its sorrow. To build one's life according to its faith and commandments. Judaism is not only a religion or nationality. It's a way of life!

For those who are not yet completely sure that this way of life is their way, participating in our program will help them in making this decision.

Those who have decided to become one of the People Israel will study in the variety of classes, as well as personal studies with the rabbis and rabbaniot.

When ready, you will stand in front of the rabbis of the Rabbinical Court of Israel – as the Children of Israel stood in front of the Shehina -- the Divine Presence -- at Mount Sinai to become part of the Jewish nation, and to accept upon yourself the Torah and the mitzvot.

Lehitgayer -- means to use everything you do in life: family, school, work, even relaxing after a busy day, to make this world a better a place in accordance to the purpose that Hashem created it!

We will help and guide you to learn to do so.